The Importance of Vastu in House: A Guide to Enjoying the Luxury

Are you going to buy a new house or move in soon? Are you certain that Vastu can infuse your home with positive energy and good fortune? Go on reading if you’re nodding your head in agreement. Learn about the fundamentals of Vastu and its significance for your house.

Originating about 8000 years ago, Vastu Shastra, also known as Vastu, is a traditional and old style of Indian building. The Sanskrit word “Vasu,” which means “earth,” is the source of the name “Vastu,” while the word “shastra” signifies “science.” The “Theory of Five Elements” (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Space) and the “16 MahaVastu” zones serve as the foundation for Vastu. The following zones and elements working in harmony or balance helps to maintain the population’s health and vitality. Vastu takes into consideration a number of factors when building a house or building, including the measurements, design, and spatial geometrical coordinates.

The architectural discipline known as Vaastu shastra, as per Hindu mythology, symbolises both the material and spiritual aspects of constructing a dwelling.

Vastu must be used from the beginning to ensure that a building project is finished effectively. From the very beginning to the very end of the building’s construction, there are numerous aspects to consider, many of which are related to Vastu. Indian home buyers have favoured Vastu-compliant homes over the past few decades. It’s probable that over 80% of buyers will forgo features like size and floor rise in favour of a Vastu-compliant house. What essential qualities, then, make this historical corpus of knowledge so important for prospective homeowners?

Let’s talk about some Vastu Shastra advice that you should think about before building the house, along with your home construction firm.

Levels and Roofing: The floor should always be inclined, and water should flow from west to east or from south to north, as this creates more good energy. This applies to both ground level and slanted roofs.

Height: There is a weight–height correlation. It is auspicious to keep the West or South sides higher than the North. Additionally, you can keep the height constant in all directions.

Design: The arrangement of your house should be such that natural light streams in, adequate ventilation is provided, and positive energy flows freely.

Proportion: To achieve optimal comfort and functionality, the proportions and layouts of the rooms in your house should be harmonic and balanced.

Orientation: Orienting your house to face the cardinal directions—north, south, east, and west—can help draw luck and positive energy.

Placement: To maximise the flow of energy throughout your home, arrange furniture, art, and other items in accordance with Vastu principles.

Recognizing the Importance of Vastu Compliance for Homes

Vastu Shastra has been studied and used for a long time. Even now, “The Science of Architecture” is useful & pertinent. Individuals all around the world, not just in India, today fully comprehend the significance of having an energy-balanced home to guarantee a peaceful existence. A home that complies with Vastu draws in positive energy and keeps out negative energy. It is a well-established truth that Vastu is essential to our well-being, prosperity, and overall development.

Through the analysis of a building’s map, our Vastu professionals are able to forecast whether or not the prisoners will live happy and healthy lives. The main consideration in the establishment of Vastu principles is the energy coming from various directions. There are countless reasons to support the claim that applying Vastu principles to your house would have a positive impact on it. Let’s first clarify what we mean when we talk about Vastu for Home.

Vastu for Homes emphasises building shapes and orientations. The room’s shapes include square, rectangular, wheeled, and bar shapes. The routes are North East – Eesanya, North West – Vayavya, South East – Agneya, and South West – Nyruthi. Apart from orientations and geometries, the design of a structure is planned using 12 principles, including circulation, aspect, privacy, economy, elegance, prospect, grouping, and cleanliness, as well as the need for furnishings.

Vastu principles help us maintain a clutter-free and tidy environment. By balancing the five components in our environment, vatu helps us become more in tune with nature. This equilibrium broadens our perspectives and greatly improves our mental abilities. A bright, clutter-free home promotes happiness on all levels. It also improves relationships and health. In contrast, it makes the prisoners more alert and energetic. Vastu Shastra makes a link between one’s physical surroundings and overall well-being. Thus, purchasing real estate that complies with Vastu principles guarantees not just a sound building but also a peaceful home that encourages good vibrations and general wellbeing. Vastu Shastra Suggestions for a New House:


According to Vastu Shastra, your home’s orientation is very important. Given that positive energy is associated with the east and north, it is ideal for the main entry to face in these directions. Entrances facing the south or west are unlucky. Positive energy is largely drawn to the main door and entryway. Use these vastu guidelines to guarantee positive energy:

As these directions are seen as fortunate, make sure the main entryway faces north, east, or northeast.

  • Maintain a tidy and clutter-free entryway to facilitate the free flow of energy.
  • Set up positive energy vastu objects at the entryway, like a toran, rangoli, or nameplate, for your property.
  • For the main door, use high-quality wood and make sure it is free of damage and fractures.

Living Area

The living area should be positioned in the northwest, as this is regarded as the zone of prosperity and wealth. Assume that in Vastu homes, you and your visitors will be sitting facing either the north or the east. The living room serves as the focal point for social events and leisure time. To infuse the living room with positive energy:

  • Heavy furniture should be arranged facing south or southwest.
  • Make sure there is adequate room for mobility and place the sofa up against a wall.
  • To draw money and prosperity, place a mirror against the north wall.
  • Decorate your home with objects, artworks, and plants that radiate pleasant energy.

The kitchen

Because the southeast is connected to fire and energy, it makes sense to put the kitchen in this direction. This will support keeping the elements of the Vastu home in harmony. The refrigerator should be placed in the northwest corner and the stove in the southeast. A bedroom ought to be a place of refuge for renewal and relaxation. The kitchen is a vital component of the home, providing nourishment and energy. To increase optimism, adhere to these Vastu principles:

  • When cooking, face east with the cook and position the cooking stove toward the southeast.
  • The stove and sink should be kept apart since fire and water do not mix.
  • To preserve equilibrium, store food and cutlery facing either west or south.

The bedroom

Your master bedroom should face southwest, and the bed should be set such that you can fall asleep with the head facing east or west. Never fall asleep with your head turned north, as this orientation has been linked with negativity. A bedroom ought to be a place where people go to unwind and refresh. To create a nice vibe in the bedroom, try these Vastu suggestions:

  • Orient the bed such that the headboard faces the wall and faces southwest.
  • Keep your mirrors away from your bed; they might be stressful and interfere with your sleep.
  • Include things for your home that are associated with positive energy, like essential oil diffusers and calming artwork.
  • To create a serene atmosphere, use colours that are calming, such as light blue, green, or beige.

The bathroom

The northwest orientation of the bathroom and the north or northwest orientation of the toilet are recommended. Make sure the restroom has adequate ventilation, and stay away from using mirrors there. Follow these Vastu recommendations for toilets and bathrooms to keep things tidy and free of bad energy:

  • Build bathrooms in the home’s northwest or southeast directions.
  • When not in use, keep the bathroom and toilet doors closed.
  • Make use of windows and exhaust fans to guarantee adequate lighting and ventilation.


Vastu Shastra places a high value on natural light, so make sure your vastu home has many windows facing either the east or the north. Keep big, heavy furniture out of the way of windows so that good energy may flow through the house.

  • Create a cozy ambiance by using lamps or LED lights.
  • Place a mix of soft and bright lighting in various rooms of the house.

The colours

Energy flow can also be affected by the colours you choose for your house. Select cheerful and cheery hues, including green, yellow, and white, as these are connected to positive energy. Steer clear of strong, dark colours like red and black since they are connected to negativity. The use of colour and lighting is essential for fostering a happy environment. Here are a few Vastu guidelines:

  • For walls, go with calming hues like green, light blue, or white.
  • Make sure each space has enough natural light and appropriate ventilation.


Because they infuse a vastu home with positive energy, plants are a significant component of Vastu Shastra. Take care not to place them facing west or south, but rather east or north.

Having a garden or balcony can infuse your house with pleasant energy. Think about these Vastu principles:

  • Choose a garden or balcony facing east or north.
  • Plants that promote good energy, such as rose, jasmine, and basil, should be grown.
  • Maintain the garden and balcony clutter-free and spotless.
  • To increase the positive energy, add features like bird feeders, wind chimes, or a water fountain.

Features of Water

A vastu house’s energy can be balanced with the use of water elements like fountains. Since the northeast is linked to water, place them in that direction. Your house can feel more serene and relaxing with water features and fountains.

  • Orient water features, such as fountains, towards the north or east.
  • Make sure the water is clear and devoid of algae.
  • Make sure the fountain design blends nicely with the rest of your interior design.

Clearing the clutter

According to Vastu Shastra, it’s critical to have a clutter-free and ordered home. Stuff shouldn’t be stacked in corners as this can attract bad energy. Rather than overcrowding your vastu home with furniture and decor, keep the areas open and breezy. The right orientation of the storage spaces and stairs enhances the good vibe in the house. Adhere to these guidelines:

  • The staircase should be oriented toward the southwest, west, or south.
  • A staircase shouldn’t be built in the middle of the house.
  • Heavy things should be stored facing southwest.
  • Make sure storage spaces are tidy and orderly.
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Use Vastu at Home To Guarantee Joyful Energy

Have you ever thought about the fact that entering an untidy house tends to make you feel unhappy? Or are you feeling down or gloomy because of any of the muted colours on the walls? Seeking advice from a Vastu specialist is necessary if any of these situations have ever happened to you.

The layout and style of your house can have a big influence on the occupants. It will ensure that people lead happy lives and have fulfilling relationships by bringing them prosperity, love, serenity, and positivity. To determine the health of their home, some people even choose to consult an online Vastu expert.

Let’s talk about some of the reasons for considering Vastu:


Using Vastu, anyone may discuss their home and how they make sure it provides all we need for a happy existence. We shall find solace even in the event of a failure. Vastu is also associated with hardness, both mentally and physically. Furthermore, a great deal of experts are well-known for being the greatest experts in the world and for the services they provide. With their superior comprehension of scientific methods, reasoning, and outcome-driven strategies, they offer the finest Vastu shastra services available online, guiding you through the entire process.


There’s no denying that Vastu can improve your mood. We can’t avoid suffering and loss, but we can learn how to deal with it and find comfort in the process. When you need to recover from a terrible event at home, vastu can provide people with sufficient mental health and assistance, no doubt about it.

Ease of Use: 

All homes that have been especially planned according to Vastu are ideal since they will enable the most positive energy to be present there. Making sure that no one’s home experiences hardship is another way that Vastu is used most effectively to help people live happy lives.

Intramural realisation:

 Vastu is an art form that generally has an impact on long-lasting constructions and things that are produced. It is a lesson on ethereality that may help you learn about strength and how to develop it. You need to make a nice exterior area and seek advice from the top Vastu expert for your home online in order to discover more about your inner self.

Superior Use of Spaces: 

Vastu, an architecture-based idea, will assist you in making excellent use of your locations. The rooms are positioned to maximise your time in nature because of their strategic placement.

A Beautiful Home:

Any home that is built to the specifications of the occupant is regarded as special and noteworthy. A lovely home also has adequate lighting, airflow, and ventilation.

Personality Development: 

Using Vastu to your aid will help you find inner peace and self-realisation, which in turn can improve your personality. There’s little doubt that the house’s relationships will continue to grow and endure.

Better Relationships at Home: 

You may provide a better life for yourself and everyone around you by consulting with our Vastu experts for the best Vastu guidance. It will encourage coexistence and harmony among the occupants of the house as well as inner tranquillity.

Enhanced Spiritual Understanding: 

Vastu can significantly raise your interest in spirituality and the knowledge of everyone living in your home. It will assist prisoners in realising their inner quest for happiness.

Significant Mental Peace: 

Vastu will call forth the five elements of nature—earth, fire, air, water, and ether—also referred to as the Pancha Bhootas. It will undoubtedly provide you with a wonderful, clear living area and promote mental tranquillity. A clear and well-lit home is a sign of a well-evaluated mind. It helps you become more mindful and makes sure you stay awake at home.

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The Vastu Shastra provides guidelines for the best building that is tailored to the needs of its occupants. It does not demand that its values be followed to the letter. For optimal effects, it is advisable to incorporate as many policies as possible, even though some may not be applicable. Here are some pointers to help you determine whether an apartment you are considering renting can be converted into a Vastu-compliant home. It makes no difference if you recently moved into a rental apartment or already own a house. There are still ways to maximise your space with a variety of tools and solutions. The ancient Vastu Shastra writings contain practical answers and adaptable designs for all rooms and buildings.
This ancient science can help you excel in life at any time. The ideologies and tenets are comparatively simple to adhere to. Naturally, buying residences such as flats and villas that adhere to Vastu is one of the greatest options if you are looking for a house for rent in chandigarh contact Lets Rentz today.