Five Vastu checkpoints before purchasing a home

For many individuals and families, purchasing a house is an exciting and much-anticipated decision that marks a significant milestone. Purchasing a home may represent the fruition of years of saving, planning, and labour. This is a significant and meaningful event that signifies the realisation of a desire and the accomplishment of a long-term objective.

Purchasing a property is a crucial and significant decision that, in order to ensure a happy and successful experience, calls for careful planning, careful consideration of location, budget, and professional Vastu Shastra counsel. In addition to providing the flexibility to customise and design the space in accordance with one’s own tastes, reflecting their individuality and style, it is crucial to consider all of the possibilities based on the aforementioned characteristics and make a well-informed choice based on one’s particular needs and preferences. Choosing a residence that complies with Vastu principles not only provides a secure and stable living space but also fosters a successful and optimistic outlook.

By adhering to Vastu principles, a home is guaranteed to have good fortune and pleasant energy. Vastu compliance can take into account things like the building’s orientation, where rooms and furnishings are placed, where doors and windows are located, and the materials and colours used. Given how much Vastu influences how our lives and companies are shaped, it makes sense to assess a property from a Vastu standpoint before making a purchase. Purchasing a property that complies with Vastu not only keeps us safe from harm but also transports us to a higher plane where we may maximise our chances of success and wealth. This blog will walk you through the general Vastu home design principles that you should take into account while choosing a house.

Direction North-East

Before purchasing a home or apartment, the location’s north-east orientation should be the first and most important consideration. You can verify the elements of this direction in relation to Vastu Shastra while purchasing a house by reading the points that are stated below.

One of the most significant and delicate directions on any land is the north-east direction, or Ishaan Kon.It is the direction that serves as the origin or source of positive energy in that specific location and needs to be maintained tidy, pure, and lively.The head of “Vastu Purusha” is likewise represented by this direction. according to the signs and is frequently referred to as the “Brain of the House.”This is the best orientation for a meditation area, prayer room, or temple.

It is not advisable to purchase a property with a bathroom, kitchen, store, septic tank, or any other low-energy activity unless it is practically possible to remove the aforementioned from the north-east direction. You should not purchase the property in question if it faces any kind of north-east direction obstruction and renovation is not feasible.

Because of its allure and desire to compromise on Vastu, a lot of people wish to rely on remedies or Vastu therapies. It is important to use extreme caution and recognize that there is no Vastu solution that may eliminate North-East direction problems without requiring demolition. As a result, according to Vastu, investing in a property in the North-East direction is not worthwhile. It is not necessary to estimate the North-East direction; instead, consult a knowledgeable Vastu Expert for professional advice and Vastu Tips for your property.

Home/Building Shapes

When purchasing a home or apartment, or searching for Vastu for apartments, consumers are expected to make a decision between two popular shapes, according to the advice of Vastu experts. The overall wealth and well-being of the occupants of the dwelling are determined by these two shapes. 

Gaumukhi is the first shape; it is narrow at the first entry point and broad at the back. This form is perfect for lots where individuals can purchase a parcel of land and build a house that meets their needs. With its broad entryway and small back, Shermukhi is the second form. This form is perfect for business buildings. Longer corners are not recommended for residential properties, according to Vastu experts.

Apart from forms, colour is another important consideration while selecting an apartment. Experts advise against purchasing an apartment that has been painted in a dark colour. This idea is primarily justified by the fact that dark colours, whether they be on your walls, floors, ceiling, or furniture, emanate negative energy. Conversely, pastel hues like pink, orange, and yellow can exude good energy throughout the house. Experts in Vastu design favour painting apartments in the bright colours listed above.

Kitchen’s location

The primary area of a building where fires occur is the kitchen. According to Vastu, the orientation or positioning of the kitchen is very important. A kitchen oriented in accordance with Vastu is quite advantageous and benefits the occupants in many ways.

Initially, we need to understand that, in terms of Vastu, the kitchen’s stove and other heating appliances should be positioned accordingly. The fire-related equipment represents the space’s fire aspect.

Fire is advised to be lit in the South-East and South directions, according to Vastu Shastra. The presence of a kitchen in this direction guarantees that the fire element is balanced, as it corresponds to this direction.Furthermore, the West direction is the second-best orientation for a kitchen. But to achieve the right effects, a kitchen facing west must be carefully constructed with suitable Vastu balancing.The kitchen needs to follow Vastu not just in terms of layout but also in terms of colour choices. The fire element is disturbed by the use of colours like black, blue, or grey in the kitchen, which is devastating.

Ideally, a property with a kitchen facing south-east to south should be purchased, according to Vastu. It is best to consult a Vastu Expert to see if the kitchen might benefit from Vastu Treatment, nevertheless, as modern apartment designs and constructions can occasionally cause kitchens to not follow the aforementioned guidelines. Don’t purchase the mentioned property if the kitchen isn’t going in the right direction.

Vastu Advice for the Kitchen: The best place for a kitchen, according to Vastu Shastra, is between the south and southeast directions.

Main Door/Gate Entrance

It’s a widely held misconception that we should never purchase a property with a south facing orientation and must instead always face east. Google & YouTube both suggest the same thing. But as we shall see, Vastu is all about the direction in which the main door is positioned, not about which way the door faces.

It would be incorrect to generalise that properties facing south are bad according to Vastu. Properties with an entrance gate that faces both the southeast and the south are quite fortunate.Certain properties that face eastward are not favourable. Properties that face east and have their main door facing southeast are not desirable.

The property’s entrance serves as its mouth. Just as our bodies grow and maintain health based on what we eat with our mouths, the property’s growth and health are determined by the types of energy that enter via the main gate.

When purchasing a property, we must be quite cautious about selecting one with the greatest entrance. Instead of attempting to estimate the entrance directions, we should speak with a Vastu Consultant who can determine whether or not the entrance would be advantageous.

Areas with Low Energy and Productivity

Every place contains Vastu principles that, when followed, can increase productivity and happiness in that location. When planning the directions of objects and activities, it is important to take the distribution of energy into account in terms of direction.

For instance, low energy directions have to be used when organising the restrooms, disposal tasks, janitors’ storage, etc. Conversely, the study space, home office, lockers, bedrooms, and other areas need to be in the good energy direction. It is crucial that this equilibrium be kept.

Should this be broken, for example, by placing the toilet or trash can in a positive energy direction and designing the bedroom or home office in a low energy direction, serious difficulties could arise. A knowledgeable Vastu Expert would assess these factors before recommending that you purchase the house.

Because these are the fundamental steps in Vastu Planning, i.e., “Correct Placement as per nature of activity or object,” we cannot provide any solutions. For instance, if the master bedroom is in the poor energy direction, a sincere Vastu adviser will suggest that you move the bedroom rather than offering you a Vastu treatment for an improper bed position.

Closeness to the Natural World

A mind, body, and spirit that are in good health must be near to nature. People have come to know in the last two years of COVID that taking care of their body and mind is just as vital as achieving success in their careers. Therefore, it is crucial that we purchase a house with the greatest potential for natural energies to enter our premises in order to ensure that nature does.

First off, daylight or sunlight is allowed to enter the house from any direction according to Vastu. In fact, good vibes grow stronger in an area the more daylight enters through windows, doors, or balconies.Another crucial element that one must prioritize is ventilation. Maximum airflow from all directions, or cross ventilation, is required throughout the property.According to Vastu, terraces and balconies can be built in any orientation. Though this is untrue, some individuals claim that balconies are prohibited in the South West. Any direction that nature enters the building proves advantageous.According to Vastu Shastra, any natural landscaping surrounding the home, including gardens, parks, lakes, and greenery, is an extra benefit.

As a result, we need to make sure that the land you are prepared to purchase is surrounded by nature. Properties that lack natural light or are dull and dark do not provide the necessary good vibrations.

Here, we go over a few essential elements and general procedures for checking vastu for apartments:

  • It fascinates us all to fill our homes with artwork that speaks to our own design sensibilities and establish a theme. However, in accordance with Vastu Principles, the northeastern side of a flat, apartment, or house should not have any artwork or ornamental elements on the walls.
  • There must always be solid walls and a significant amount of height in the southwest area of the house or apartment.
  • All residences nowadays, as far as we know, have attached toilets. Building or purchasing flats with bathrooms facing the northwest and northeast is something we should keep to (avoid) when following the fundamentals of Vastu.
  • In addition to being a location to prepare and enjoy delectable meals, the kitchen plays a significant role in the house by fostering a happy atmosphere. A kitchen should be located in the southeast or northwest of a flat, according to Vastu.
  • The northwest area of the house or apartment can be the location of the kids’ room. Every home needs to have an area where morning physical activity can take place on the northwest side. However, in the event that the residence or apartment serves as an official venue, the leader of the organisation must be positioned on the southwest side.
  • It is advised to build or purchase a home/apartment with a primary entrance on the north or east side.

Consider these vastu suggestions when buying a new flat.

Many people believe that Vastu Shastra may resolve problems in both new and ancient homes. Thus, we frequently employ a variety of vastu suggestions to infuse our homes with fresh vitality and energy. When it comes to bringing happiness into your ideal home, these suggestions are still worthwhile to try, even though some people may not think highly of vastu shastra. If you are looking house for rent you can visit Lets Rentz.

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According to Vastu advice, which direction is ideal for apartments when purchasing a new one?

It is ideal if your flat and flat entry face East and North-East directions, as this provides the best energy for the house.

Is it possible to improve a flat’s problematic Vastu?

Indeed, there are adjustments you can make to alter and enhance the energy in the home even if the apartment or flat was not constructed in accordance with Vastu.

What are the primary entryway Vastu tips for a home?

It is ideal for the home’s entrance to face north or northeast. This will guarantee that your home enjoys sunlight all day long, according to Vastu Shastra home design tips.

What are some Vastu pieces of advice for purchasing a new bathroom apartment?

Verify whether the corner of the apartment houses the bathroom or toilet—the north-west or south-east. The bathrooms shouldn’t be located directly adjacent to the kitchen or Pooja room, according to Vastu advice for purchasing a new apartment.