Paying Rent Through Credit Card in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Since many people in our nation do not own their own homes, a large portion of their monthly income goes toward paying rent. They can use their credit card to pay for it, and it is typically one of their largest expenses. While some people used NEFT, IMPS, etc., landlords always preferred to receive payments in cash. However, these days, digital, paperless transactions are more popular.

In the past, landlords were reluctant to divulge the details of their bank accounts. But with the COVID-19 outbreak, digital transactions surged, and individuals began using credit cards, mobile wallets, and other payment methods to pay their rent. You can use your credit card to pay your rent at home utilising a number of third-party apps, like UPI.

Rent payment applications would generate hundreds of thousands of crores in revenue, thus it would be a win-win situation for everyone if we used credit cards to pay rent. We might also benefit from many other advantages, such as incentives and more.

This article explains why using a credit card is the best alternative for paying rent and includes a thorough analysis of all the service providers that provide this option. Now, it’s advised to avoid getting into debt by using your credit card for rent payments unless you are certain you will be able to pay off the balance on time. This post will cover all the information you need to pay your rent with a credit card, including how to do it, fees and charges for processing, deals, and much more.

Why Is It Better to Use a Credit Card to Pay Rent?

Free Credit Period: You receive 45 days of free credit when you use a credit card to pay your rent. You will therefore avoid paying interest if you settle your credit card account within these 45 days.

On-time Payments: Assume, for example, that your rent is due on the first of each month, but your salary is credited on the fifth or sixth. If you use a credit card to pay your rent in this situation, you won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of persuading your landlord that you are paying on time. You can also pay the credit card account with a 45-day free credit term to avoid interest on your rent payment.

Raise your Credit Score: If your credit score is below 750, you can raise it to 750 or higher by regularly making sizable purchases, such as rent. For those who are unaware, banks and non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) assess an individual’s credit score when determining their eligibility for a loan. Going beyond 30% of your credit utilisation ratio is advised, nevertheless, as this could have a negative effect on your credit score.

Minimal Formalities: By providing state-of-the-art technology, all systems that let you pay rent with credit cards make sure that the process is simple and hassle-free. Additionally, if your credit card provider permits it, you can automate the rent payment for the remainder of the year by simply entering your landlord’s information once.

Reach the Annual Spending Limit: One problem that many credit card owners encounter is not reaching their credit card’s annual spending limit. You will be able to reach your annual spending cap, though, if you pay your rent each month with a credit card.

Get Points for Rewards: Using credit cards to pay rent, as opposed to cash transactions, might earn you reward points that can be redeemed for savings on further purchases or reservations from well-known businesses. One website that provides reward points and special deals for using credit cards to pay rent is Magicbricks.

Essential Things to Take Into Account Before Using a Credit Card to Pay Rent

When paying rent with a credit card, there are a few crucial things to think about as listed below:

Effect on Credit Score: Paying the rent will have an effect on your credit score because it increases credit use. One of the key components in determining your credit score is the credit usage ratio.

Calculation of Interest: If the credit card debt is not settled in full, interest will be applied to the remaining balance. Over time, the amount of interest owed will accumulate.

Processing Fee: If a credit card is used to pay the rent, banks will typically impose a processing fee. The processing charge could be anything from 2% to 4%. As a result, your final payment will be more.

When paying rent with a credit card, it’s vital to take a few things into account. Since paying off your credit card debt in full will enhance your credit history and score, it is crucial. In addition, if the credit card amount is not paid in full, high interest rates are charged.


For those who enjoy using credit cards, Cred is a helpful tool. Originally, it was just an app for paying credit card bills and earning rewards for those with good credit. The app then began to provide a number of similar functions. Rent payment is one of them. The finest interface for paying rent is Cred RentPay. However, Cred RentPay charges a somewhat hefty convenience fee. It charges between 1% and 1.75% based on the rental quantity and card used for payment.

Use your credit card to pay your rent on CRED and you might receive up to 100% in cashback. To take advantage of this deal, 10,000 Cred Coins must be redeemed. Each user may take advantage of the promotion once each month. All cards are eligible for this offer, and there is no minimum or maximum amount.

Guaranteed cashback of up to Rs. 1000. Take advantage of the incentives section of the app to claim the prize after making your rent payment on CRED. This is a one-time usage deal per user.

Free Acko protection for home appliances under five years old, including refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, TVs, and more. When you pay your rent each month with CRED, your coverage will renew. Has a thirty percent minimum copay and is good for fifteen days following activation.

Platform Fees

Please be aware that there is a modest transaction fee for members to use the CRED rent-pay service. Depending on the credit card network, this cost could be anything between one and 1.5 percent of the total. When you’re done, you can conveniently set up auto-payments to make on-time payments in the future. This is the

Customers may pay their rent online with ease thanks to’s user-friendly feature. To pay rent, you must download the app and have a minimum payment of Rs. 3000. The rent payment is typically completed in an hour, and the enrollment process is simple and requires no paperwork.

  • Go to the official website and select the Pay on Credit menu item. Click the House Rent category after that.
  • Enter your phone number and use the OTP to confirm.
  • Enter the amount of rent you are paying as well as the bank account information for the landlord.
  • Then, to complete the payment, provide your credit card information and select Pay 


  • The money transfer will be finished in a day and deposited into your landlord’s account.

Processing fees

Rent payments made with credit cards may be subject to processing fees from credit card issuers. This cost might range from 2% to 4% of the overall rental amount. Additionally, there is a convenience fee charged by the systems that allow rent payments by credit card. In this sense, using a credit card to pay rent may get expensive very quickly.


One of the earliest rent-payment platforms still in use in India is RedGirraffe. The only processes that the service handles on its own are registration and verification. Due to its partnerships with the majority of Indian banks, rent can be paid with credit or debit cards. RedGirraffe likewise levies the least expensive convenience fees—0.39%—for transactions. When combined with credit card reward points, this results in substantial savings. Additionally, it offers attractive deals on a variety of credit cards throughout the year. After the credit card payment, the rent is sent to the landlord’s account in two to three business days.

RedGirraffe’s extensive registration process is its main drawback. Complete renter and owner information, including PAN card, must be provided. In around two to three days after verification, RedGirraffe provides a biller registration ID. See my in-depth RedGirraffe review here.

Redgirraffe’s prerequisites

  • Before you may make payments, RedGirraffe RentPay has a more structured onboarding process than other rent payment systems. Aside from the standard requirements like rent and owner bank account information, there are a few more details that are required.
  • PAN number of the owner is required for all rent amounts, and a rental agreement is required for rent of $20,000 and higher.
  • While many others, including NoBroker, do not request the same, RedGirraffe needs to address the second point. Therefore, you are unable to utilise RedGirraffe if you do not have your owner’s PAN.

Processing fees

You can Pay via Credit Card & earn 5% of total transaction value as RedGirraffe CASH Points. Substantially reduced transaction charges of 0.39% + GST (with a minimum of Rs 39/transaction + GST) applies.


Rent can also be paid with a credit card using Phonepe, one of India’s most popular digital payment platforms. In 2021, the rent payment option was included in the digital payment finance app. Just the necessary information must be entered into the app in order to pay rent; its interface looks similar to that of Paytm and Freecharge.

  • One advantage that you might not find in other apps is that the platform supports credit cards from banks such as American Express.
  • Whereas Paytm or CRED impose higher convenience fees, 1.50% is assessed when rent is paid by credit card.
  • Using the Phone Pay app, you can pay with a credit card without attaching or entering the rental agreement.
  • You can get rewards and cashback when you use phone pay to pay your rent with a credit card. 


An application for real estate that lets you buy, sell, and rent out properties. You can use your credit card to pay your rent and society maintenance using the app. To pay for rentals via the app and receive special benefits, use your Mastercard or Visa credit card. Here’s how to use this site to pay rent:

  • Go to the NoBroker official website and select “Pay Rent with Credit Card.”
  • Enter your phone number and use the OTP to confirm it.
  • Enter the bank account details and basic information provided by your landlord.
  • After entering your rent payment, move on to the next stage.
  • After entering your credit card information, finish the payment.


The most widely used app in India for bill payment, ticket booking, recharging, and many other uses is Paytm. Paytm’s platform facilitates the hassle-free payment of rent via credit card for its subscribers. You can choose to send the rent to your landlord’s bank account or UPI ID while using this platform to pay your rent.

Using Paytm to pay your rent with a credit card has several advantages.

  • Take advantage of a very clear and safe platform to use a credit card to pay rent.
  • Receive extra money and deals for your upcoming purchases.
  • Using the Paytm mobile app’s “Payment History” feature, you can keep track of your rent payments.
  • Reach your credit card milestones for bonus rewards and fee waivers with ease.
  • Pay up to ten rent instalments each month.


One of the top real estate marketplaces in India for the purchase, sale, and rental of both residential and commercial properties is Magicbricks. With the new feature, Magicbricks users may now use their credit cards to pay their rent and receive points, among other benefits. Additionally, Magicbricks is among the least expensive platforms for credit card rent payments because it only costs 1% of the total transaction amount when using a VISA or Mastercard credit card.

It provides a number of advantages to consumers in addition to being a cost-effective way for rent to be paid. If you pay your rent through Magicbricks, your landlord receives it within one day of you initiating the payment, and you receive an instant rent receipt to your registered phone number or email address. Additionally, you can relax knowing that Magicbricks will protect all of the information you enter, including your landlord’s bank account information and credit card credentials.

The following are some advantages of utilising Magicbricks to pay rent with a credit card:

  • Offers and rebates are available up to Rs. 23,000.
  • Take advantage of complimentary rental insurance worth up to Rs 1 lakh to protect your family.
  • Take a chance to get rent payback of 100%.
  • Get discounts of 10 to 50% off on popular brands like rentickle, Myntra, PharmEasy, Domino’s, and EaseMyTrip.
  • Win unique offers from banks.
  • Reward yourself for meeting the largest monthly bill and maximising your savings.

Lets Rentz

An application that facilitates the rental of real estate. Rent and association upkeep can be paid with your credit card using the app. Use your credit card—Visa or Mastercard—to pay for rentals using the app.

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In conclusion

If you’re thinking about using your credit card to pay your rent, be careful to weigh the pros and cons as discussed previously. While using a credit card to pay rent can be beneficial for some people, it can also put others in debt. You can pay your rent with a credit card and receive unique reward points and other incentives if you are confident that you will make your payments on time.

Various banks charge for and make offers on rent payments made with credit cards, so be sure to stay informed about them. Additionally, there are various systems available for paying rent; you should select one that is user-friendly and provides enticing incentives like cashback and other prizes.

Rent payments made using a credit card are definitely something to think about, as our nation is quickly moving toward digital cash. However, if your financial situation is poor, you should avoid using your credit card to pay rent because your credit score may suffer, and you may end up in debt.

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