Top 5 Home Rental Apps of 2024 – Find the Best for You

“Home rental apps – Just tap-swipe, and open the door of endless properties for you.”

Finding an ideal place to call your home is challenging. Especially, when you are new in the city and need to move in quickly, things can be more difficult. In the competitive rental market, “rooms for rent” quickly appear and disappear.

But gone are the days, when you tirelessly walk on the streets and look for “To let rooms” signs. Nowadays, finding a room is as easy as shopping for a new T-shirt on Myntra, Flipkart, or Amazon. In this modern age of home hunting, home rental apps are changing the concept of renting. 

Whether you are looking for a single room, independent room, PG, 1bhk, or 2bhk, these apps offer you the freedom to choose as per your preferences and budgets. 

So, in this article, we have covered everything you need to know about the best apps to find rental homes near you. Let’s dive into and get to know about it.

Best 5 Home Rental Apps for Your Next Move

If you are also the one tired of endlessly searching “how to find rental homes near me”? Look no further! Home rental apps are here to make your search effortless. With just a few taps, you can browse available rental rooms from the comfort of your couch.

The handpicked top 5 home rental apps for Android and IOS are:

  • Lets Rentz
  • No Broker
  • 99 Acres
  • Magic Bricks

Keep reading to dive into the details and discover which can be the best app to find rental homes. 

Lets Rentz – Make it Easy

App Availability: IOS & Android

Zero Brokerage

Whether you are a tenant, hunting for a perfect room, or an owner looking to rent out your property, Lets Rentz is a one-stop solution for all your needs. 

Every renter has unique preferences and requirements and Lets Rentz comes with various options to cater to all needs and budgets.

Key Features of Lets Rentz App

Lets Rentz app bring unique features and user-friendly options to make your search seamless: 

  • Extensive Listings: Lets Rentz offers users a vast selection of rental properties in Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur, Kharar, and Panchkula. Whether you are a student, a professional, or relocating with your family, you will find a room that meets your needs.
  • Verified Properties: Every listing on Lets Rentz is thoroughly verified, ensuring a hassle-free renting experience. You will find property images, amenity details, location, and owner’s contact details for each listing.
  • Filter System: The app allows you to set filters based on location, room type, and price range, allowing you to find the best place.   
  • Property Alerts: You stay updated with real-time notifications. As soon as a new property is listed, you will be notified with a pop-up alert on your mobile screen. 
  • Reliable Customer Support: A dedicated team is always on standby to assist you with any queries or concerns. This personalized support ensures you make the best rental decision.

No Broker

App Availability: IOS & Android

Like other rental apps, the No Broker app is also simplifying the house renting process. Without the involvement of any broker, renters can choose an ideal accommodation through reliable property listings. 

Each uploaded property on the app includes detailed information like images, facilities, and location. No Broker directly connects you to the verified owners. This app also assists you in making rental agreements and paperwork.

This helps tenants to explore and choose the properties that fit their requirements. Moreover, to make this hustle much easier, they do have subscription plans. 

99 Acres

App Availability: IOS & Android

With an extensive property database, 99 Acres is a go-to platform for renters in search of their dream home. 99 Acres app offers a hassle-free experience with features like property alerts and personalized assistance. 

This app also grants you a seamless browsing experience by giving complete information including high-quality images, videos, and maps. Added to this, it facilitates instant communication between landlords and tenants via phone calls, texts, or emails.

App Availability: IOS & Android offers renters detailed insights and an interactive map search, making it easier to find the perfect home. The app provides accurate information on surrounding areas to help you make informed decisions.

This allows owners to post their properties to rent out in simple steps. By using, anyone can rent out and find commercial or residential properties. Moreover, the app provides renters the guidance from rental agreements to real-time updates. 


App Availability: IOS & Android

MagicBricks is a user-friendly app that offers renters a seamless experience by giving personalized property recommendations, and access to over 200+ properties in popular localities. 

Featuring an intuitive interface and powerful features, MagicBricks caters to both tenants and landlords. The app provides a vast database of rental listings, including shared apartments, houses, PG accommodations, and commercial spaces. 

Users can easily browse the property listings, filtering by location, budget, amenities, and more to find the ideal property that fits their needs.

Frequently Ask Questions

How to find rental homes near me?

You can find rental homes near you by using home rental apps like Lets Rentz, No Broker,, and MagicBricks. 99 Acres etc. These apps allow you to set filters based on your preferences and requirements, making it easy to find the perfect place. Here’s how you can customize your search:
Room Type 1bhk, 2bhk, PG, single room, independent room, shared apartment, family type, etc
Furnishing – Filter by furnished, semi-furnished, or fully furnished options.
Budget – Set your price range to match your budget.
Location – Specify the exact sector or area, you are interested in. 
Amenities – Search for the properties based on amenities that matter to you, like Wi-Fi, Air conditioning, parking, etc.

What is the best app to find homes for rent?

There are various apps to find homes for rent. Which app is good for renting a house, depends on your location. Here are some recommendations:
Chandigarh, Mohali, Kharar, Zirakpur, and Panchkula: Lets Rentz is your perfect search partner. You can also rely on, MagicBricks, and 99 Acres for comprehensive listings and options.
Other Indian Cities: For cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, etc., MagicBricks, and 99 Acres are excellent choices for finding rental homes tailored to your needs.

So, Lets Rentz can be the best app to find homes for rent if you are in Tricity.

Which housing app is most accurate?

Mostly the housing apps available online are accurate. Before listing any property on the app, they ensure to have detailed information from their field executives.
Apps like Lets Rentz, No Broker, 99Acres, MagicBricks, and stand out for their commitment to accuracy. These apps provide the most accurate information with real images, owner’s contact details, and proper location.

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In conclusion, we can say that home rental apps have changed the way of searching for rental properties. With just one click, you have thousands of options in front of you. 

Apps like Lets Rentz, No Broker,, MagicBricks, and 99Acres allow you to explore your new place in detail, even you can even explore your neighborhoods. 

You can find your dream home as per your demands and needs, without even stepping out of home. So, with the above information, you can find out which app is best for house searching.

Make your journey for your next move easy with amazing home rental apps.