Educational Excellence in the Tricity: Explaining the Top 5 Schools

The Tricity—which consists of Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali—is evidence of well-planned urban growth and a developing school system. Of the many schools in this area, seven stand out as particularly outstanding, establishing standards for academic performance, holistic growth, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. We examine the distinctive qualities, approaches, and accomplishments of each of these elite institutions in-depth in this thorough investigation, revealing the educational mosaic that characterises the Tricity.

The Doon International School

Choosing a school for your child is an important decision that can shape their academic path and personal growth. Standing as a symbol of academic excellence and all-encompassing student development, The Doon School is situated in Mohali. The Doon School was founded with the goal of developing tomorrow’s leaders, and it has a wealth of extracurricular activities, a team of experienced teachers, and cutting-edge facilities. Character development, leadership development, and an extensive curriculum that goes beyond textbooks are all examples of the school’s dedication to holistic learning.

The large campus of the Doon School is perfect for an interesting educational experience. A complete educational experience is made better by state-of-the-art classrooms furnished with innovative teaching tools, fully equipped laboratories, and sufficient sports facilities. The educational institution’s dedication to originality and flexibility in teaching guarantees that students have the necessary skills to face the demands of a constantly changing worldwide environment. They use the Nurture nature as a base of their 

Key features of doon international public school

  • A school campus based on Punjab featuring facilities that hold up well against those found in different nations.
  • Curriculum based on recommendations from the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, an internationally recognised authority, the opportunity to study religions, music, dances from traditional India, and other languages.
  • A curriculum that prioritises teaching students about the value of love, tolerance, and respect for parents, teachers, and other people.
  • An excellent sports facility featuring indoor and outdoor gaming areas. instruction from qualified coaches.
  • To teach the kids about their rich heritage and culture, there are frequent trips and excursions to various historical, cultural, and religious sites.
  • Access to Internet and email services to the boarding school students so that kids can communicate with their parents on a regular basis.

Fee Structure 

Class Pre-nursery to UKG: 6900 INR Per Month

Class 1st to 5th: 7250 INR Per Month

Class 6th to 8th: 7850 INR Per Month

Class 9th to 10th: 8700 INR Per Month

Class 11th to 12th: 9000 INR Per Month

Bhavan Vidyalaya

Chandigarh’s Bhavan Vidyalaya, which promotes an overall approach to learning, is a shining example of high-quality education. The curriculum of the school aims to develop in students cultural and ethical qualities in addition to academic knowledge. Bhavan Vidyalaya prepares children for success in a variety of areas of life, not only academics, with a focus on complete growth.

The school’s community service projects, cultural activities, and international exchange programmes all demonstrate its dedication to developing global citizens. The large campus, modern facilities, and knowledgeable instructors of Bhavan Vidyalaya all contribute to a rewarding educational environment.

Entrance Syllabus:

Mathematics: Algebraic expressions, factorization, mensuration, exponents, squares and square roots, comprehending quadrilaterals, linear equations in a single variable, and comparing quantities are all covered in mathematics.

English: Grammar and Writing

Science: Materials (Metals and Non-Metals), Cell Structure and Functions, Sound, Light, Chemical Impacts of Electric Current, Adolescent Development, Flame and Combustion, Pressure and Force, and Animal Reproduction. 

Applicants must register with the school in order to be considered for admission. For this reason, software formats will be provided by the School Prospectus, a document that can be viewed from the front desk of the school and is charged for. The completed request forms need to be submitted to the administrative office.

Fee Structure

Class 6th to 8th: 16281 Quarterly

Class 9th to 10th: 16686 Quarterly

Class 11th to 12th(Arts): 17373 Quarterly 

Class 11th to 12th(Science): 17778 Quarterly 

Yadavindra Public School

Yadavindra Public School is a Mohali institution that is widely recognised for its rigorous academic programme and dedication to overall performance. The guiding principle of the school is to establish an atmosphere that encourages leadership, teamwork, and intellectual curiosity. Modern conveniences such as well-equipped labs, sports facilities, and classrooms can be found across the large campus.

The school strongly believes in the complete development of children, which is why co-curricular activities are important. Yadavindra Public School gives pupils lots of chances to express their interests and abilities outside of the classroom, from cultural activities to sporting events. In order to prepare students for issues they will face in the real world, the committed faculty makes sure that they are given practical information in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Admissions Process:

Boarding is only for boys and begins with the IV standard. Class X and XII are closed to new students. The X standard marks are what decides admission to XI. The Nursery Class admission process is by lucky draw. The number of openings determines admissions for grades K–IX.

The school’s goal is to emotionally, spiritually, physiologically and socially empower the students to become responsible and free Indian citizens, to zealously safeguard and preserve their noble values, and to progress in a progressive, scientific manner.

The school prioritises the holistic development of its children and works to bring in them a physiological, sentimental, cognitive, safe, and supporting attitude. In order to create the core of what may be the most well-rounded personality possible, efforts are made to increase knowledge of social responsibilities, appreciation of Indian literature, art, music, theatre, dance, and yoga, as well as computer literacy and an understanding of the importance of physical health.

Fee structure

Tuition Fee: 

Day Boarding: 8,840/- (Per Month)          

Boarding: 23,125.00/- (Per Month) 

Carmel Convent School

The Carmel Convent School in Chandigarh, operated by the Sisters of Apostolic Carmel, is an all-girls school that opened in 1959. The school is associated with the CBSE and offers LKG to XII students. The school’s expansive campus features play areas, libraries, and other facilities. The school wants to develop young people who can pursue both academic and extracurricular activities with respect. The pre-primary, primary, secondary, and senior high school sections each have their own academic block, and they boast an excellent infrastructure. The classrooms are clean and roomy, and students will find the library well-stocked. The commerce stream at this school is the best in Chandigarh (Tricity).

Their well-equipped computers and scientific labs help their students understand the topics. There is a designated playground at the school for the pre-primary classes. Their facilities include a birdhouse and a botanical garden so that students can experience the beauty of nature close by. The best medical and transportation facilities are available at the school’s roller rink. Athletics, chess, basketball, table tennis, lawn tennis, fencing, skating, swimming, archery, and football are among the extracurricular and sports offered at Carmel Convent. In addition to the literary, scientific, environmental, historical, peaceful, health, and wellness student clubs. In Chandigarh, these are the top CBSE schools for the 11th grade.

Admissions Process

The process varies by the number of openings. For Class XI, an eligibility test is taken based on the relevant stream.  

Fee Structure

Class Nursery: 96411/- Yearly 

Class LKG: 94411/- Yearly

Class UKG: 92411/- Yearly

Class 1st to 5th: 86806/- Yearly 

Class 6th to 10th: 91271/- Yearly

Strawberry Fields, Chandigarh

Strawberry Fields Chandigarh In addition to offering the IB Diploma for classes 11 and 12, is a member of the ICSE Board. Ever since its founding in 2004, Strawberry Fields has consistently ranked among Chandigarh’s best schools. From then on, the school could very likely be run by the Durga Das Foundation. It takes up five hectares of space. The new technology fits in well with the new teaching approach that schools are implementing.

With their innovative education, Strawberry Fields High School in Chandigarh has completely remade the educational scene. The school is renowned for using cutting-edge teaching strategies that encourage creativity, critical thinking, and a love of learning.

The student is at the heart of the learning process at Strawberry Fields High School. Teachers facilitate students’ educational journeys by acting as guides, and the curriculum is tailored to each student’s unique learning style. The holistic growth of every student is prioritised in addition to their academic performance.

The school promotes artistic, musical, and dramatic expression among other forms of creative expression. The resources students need to discover and develop their skills are provided by cutting edge arts facilities. The school community’s lively creativity is on display through regular cultural events and exhibitions.

Admission Criteria and Fee Structure

Admission: KG

Qualification for the session of 2024–2025

Children who are born between April 1, 2018, and March 31, 2019 are eligible to participate in the 2024–25 session.

160 seats in total.

Main Group

We follow regulatory regulations and maintain a clear, open admissions process. Despite our sincere desire to accept every applicant, the size of our class limits us. A random draw is used to choose students. On the other hand, the following is prioritised:

  • Youngsters whose siblings attend Strawberry Fields Play School or Strawberry Fields High School in Sector 24, Chandigarh.
  • Students enrolled in Strawberry Fields Play School, Sector 24, Chandigarh, learning in Lower Kindergarten.

Fees for 2024-25 (Amount in INR)

Admission fee (Non-refundable): 1,32,000.00

Tuition fee (per annum): 1,87,920.00

Requirements for admission class 1st to 8th

Availability for admission to classes 1 through 8 is dependent upon availability.

The following is given priority:

Students whose siblings attend Strawberry Fields High School in Chandigarh’s Sector 26.

Students from Strawberry Fields Play School, Sector 24, Chandigarh, whose siblings attend.

If a draw of lots is required, it will take place in the school once seats are full based on the previously mentioned admission requirements. 

Fees for 2024–2025 (in Indian Rupees)

Admission fee (Non-refundable): 1,32,000.00

Tuition fee (per annum):                   

Classes 1 – 5: 1,87,920.00

Classes 6 – 8 (ICSE): 1,80,700.00

Class 6 (Cambridge Lower Secondary): 1,92,500.00

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